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How to choose led ceiling downlights?

When purchasing Led ceiling downlights, there may be many things to consider, and certain skills must be mastered. What are the main ones?

1. Appearance

People may look at the appearance when they meet for the first time, so the first thing to buying a product is to look at its appearance. Only if the appearance arouses your interest, you want to know it. You can check the appearance, the style, the color, and see if it matches your home decoration style.

led ceiling downlights


For the led ceiling downlights, Generally there are the following materials: iron, die-casting aluminum, aluminum, stainless steel. Iron materials should be used as little as possible for home decoration, It is recommended to use die-cast aluminum, aluminum for home decoration, because Aluminum has good heat dissipation effect, and the heat dissipation affects the lifetime of lamps. The better heat dissipation effect, the longer lifetime.

led ceiling downlights


1) The reflector has some anti-glare function, and the light spot is clear;

2) Lens material: acrylic/PVC;  the height of lens can be made higher and lower, beam angle is more accurate, no secondary light spots.

led ceiling downlights


The quality of LED chip and the driver are very important, but they are often invisible outside the downlight, so we can only see the relevant parameters on led ceiling downlights, such as warranty, power factor of the driver, light efficiency, etc. Good quality products generally show its parameters and provide the good warranty.

led ceiling downlights

Summary: The selection of led ceiling downlights depends on the quality. Downlights are generally composed of LED chip, optical component, drivers and other structural components. Pay attention to the quality of these parts. LED chip are mainly about brightness, color temperature, lifetime, the driver is mainly about the stability of current, lifetime, and the heat sink is mainly about heat dissipation.