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what's the difference between down light and ceiling light?

Led Down lightand Flush mount ceiling light are types of ceiling lights that illuminate a room. There are similarities and differences between them, and they offer different aesthetics and light functions.

The difference between led down light and flush mount ceiling light is how they are mounted on the ceiling.

LED down light are used more frequently than ceiling lights, and both are commonly used in residential construction.

Flush mount ceiling light 2.jpg

What is a down light?

A down light is a ceiling-mounted lamp that shines light downward. Since down light are embedded in the ceiling when turned on, it appears that the ceiling is shining the light downward. If additional safety is required, the components involved in down light are those connected to the ceiling, the chips and the transformer.


What is a ceiling light?Flush mount ceiling light.jpg

Flush mount ceiling light can be fully or partially flushed into the ceiling. Recessed mounted lights have no space between the main fixture and the ceiling. When ceiling mounted lights are semi-flush, there will be a small gap between the light and the ceiling. Semi-recessed ceiling mounted lights are similar to chandeliers but not as low-hanging.

Advantages of flush mount ceiling light:

1. The circular design makes the light more flush with the ceiling and distributes it evenly throughout the room

2. Most of the newer models are designed to improve energy efficiency and help save energy.

3. Ceiling light installation helps limit excessive heat, easy light replacement and safe installation


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There are many different types of ceiling lights, some of the more common are:

Panel light

Panel lights are long lights that give off a bright glow in a room and are often used in commercial Spaces. They can be flush with the ceiling or mounted on brackets to slightly accentuate the ceiling. They greatly brighten up the room and come in many different designs that can be easily incorporated into different interior designs.


Pendant light

The lights are suspended from the ceiling and hung in a number of different ways to suit a variety of interior designs and styles. Lights can come in many different sizes, pointing in different directions or straight down. Most hang from rods, ropes, chains, catheters or pipes and will be used as features of the room.

Makeup lamp

In the bathroom, a dressing lamp can be installed instead of a downlight. These lights are specially manufactured and designed to be installed in bathrooms and dressers. This means there are many designs to choose from and will provide more direct lighting on the dressing table.

Surface mounted downlights

Even though these are downlight types, they are not embedded in the ceiling. Lighting design has downlights in brackets or fixtures and can be different styles. Surface mounted downlights are a good option when it is not possible to embed lights in the ceiling and downlights are needed.